Too many of us are too fat

Not long ago humans struggled each day to feed themselves. Now two billion worldwide are considered overweight or obese and a quarter of the world population has fat-related diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

Kelsey-Seybold Dr. Jessica Stull says for a lot of us fat people it's just ignorance.

"Many patients just aren't aware of the health risks involved with obesity so when they come in I think educating them is always the number one priority."

But Dr. Stull says the easy availability of so much food doesn't make it easy to lose weight.

"Here in western society -- all around us -- there's many foods that are not necessarily the healthiest and do have a lot of fat content and have a lot of cholesterol."

What can be done? Dr. Stull says she's not aware of any magic pill on the horizon -- you need to eat healthy and exercise.

"Even if it were to become available I think number one is still gonna be having education and following up with your doctor and working with diet and exercise; but no, unfortunately, nothing on the near horizon -- that magic pill isn't here just yet."

A report says four million people died in 2015 because they were too fat.

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