How many Presidents have used tapes?

You’ve heard a lot about tapes from both President Donald Trump and former FBI Director James Comey over the last few weeks. There is no proof that the President taped any conversation with Comey, but there is a long history of Presidents recording their White House conversations.

Of course we all know about the Nixon tapes. But, presidential historian Terry Madonna tells KTRH Nixon wasn't the first one to have a taping system.

“It goes back to FDR originally, and other Presidents used a taping system,” Madonna said.

Among the other Presidents to use tapes include Lyndon B. Johnson. So this is not exactly unusual and it's not illegal either. But, Madonna has ethical questions.

“The question is not whether it is against the law is, but whether it is important to the guests you have to make sure that they are aware the taping is being done,” Madonna explained.

And we looked; Washington, D.C. law does allow for one party consent taping when it comes to recording conversations.

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