Flying the U.S. Flag? Know the Rules

It's important to know the rules when you fly the U.S. Flag. Americans are being urged to fly old glory between today, Flag Day, and the Fourth of July.

Ronald Kronberg, owner of Kronberg Flags and Flagpoles in Bellaire, says there is a protocol for displaying the flag.

“Don't fly it over an entrance,” Kronberg says. “The U.S. flag is always the same height or same size as flags adjacent to it, (and) don't fly anything higher than the U.S. flag.”

The flag should never touch the ground. Burning is the proper way to destroy the flag, but there is one alternative.

“Cut it up in small enough pieces that it is not recognizable as a U.S. flag anymore,” he says, “then you can discard it in any way you want.”

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