Poll: Working class Americans back Trump travel ban

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While a federal court once again strikes down the Trump travel ban, a new poll shows that many of you support what the President has been trying to do.

The Rasmussen poll shows this is popular amongst working class Americans. 51% of you making less than 30 thousand dollars a year support the ban. 54% making between 30 and 50-thousand dollars a year support it. Republican strategist Jacquie Baly says she thought those numbers would be higher.

“I would expect middle and working class America to be in even more support of the travel ban,” Baly stated. “It makes sense that we have a very good vetting system as people are entering our country.”

After another ruling against the administration it's clear the Supreme Court is going to weigh in on the issue, and Trump supporter Michael Johns, the co-founder of the National Tea Party Movement, told KTRH he thinks that's where Trump will get his ultimate victory.

“It’s almost inconceivable that the Supreme Court doesn’t uphold the President’s position on the travel ban,” Johns explained. “If you put the statute down on one side and the travel ban on the other you see the ban is entirely consistent with the statute.”

And with Neil Gorsuch confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice earlier this year, the Supreme Court once again has a 5-4 Conservative bent. However, we have seen surprises before, most notably with Obamacare and Chief Justice John Roberts.

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