First Amendment group targeting Trump’s Twitter

We all know President Trump likes to Tweet. But, he’s been blocking his critics, and some think that is unconstitutional.

The attorney leading that charge is Katie Fallow with the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University in New York.

“They have created a designated a public forum and you can’t exclude people from that forum based on their viewpoint,” Fallow told KTRH.

Fallow sent a letter to the President and says legal action is possible at some point. She says she doesn't think it's a crazy argument to make.

“I don’t think this is extreme. We are just asking to be unblocked from a Twitter account that is open to tens of millions of people,” Fallow stated.

But Josh Blackman at South Texas College of Law Houston says this is something he's not sure should go to court; that Twitter could solve this itself.

“They have the power to prevent him from blocking people. That would be a far more ideal solution than having the court intervene in this matter,” Blackman said.

And if you are blocked, Blackman says nothing stops you from creating a new account to see his Tweets.

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