POLL QUESTION: Don’t Write the Family Road Trip Off Yet

Worries another special part of American culture is going away might be premature.  KTRH Car Pro Jerry Reynolds is a firm believer that the great American family road trip isn't dead. 

Nobody enjoys the flying experience -- and the Car Pro points out, today's vehicles have enough technology to keep the kids occupied -- so they're not whining all the way to your destination.

“So many of the cars have Wi-Fi, so they can get on their computers if they want to, they can map the course if they want to,” he says, adding, “You know, it's not going to get any easier to fly in the future.”

Reynolds points out 34 million American families drove at least 50 miles for Memorial Day.  We may not do it as spontaneously as we did in the past, but we still load the kids and the dogs into the car and take off driving. 

That may end someday, but not this day, according to the man who knows cars.

“Driving is just so much easier,” he says, “and I think there are still a lot of people out there who enjoy driving.”

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