New poll: Most are angry with mainstream media

According to a new Quinnipiac poll, 59 percent of you say you are either angry or dissatisfied with the job being done by the mainstream media.

Mike Ciandella with Newsbusters says he looked at the results from this new poll, and they look very similar to research he’s done in the recent past.

“We worked with YouGov to find how many people trusted the media and found that almost seven in ten people didn’t trust the media anymore,” Ciandella explained.

As a result, these new numbers don’t surprise Ciandella at all.

“People are starting to realize the media is partisan and that the media has an agenda,” Ciandella stated,

Thirty percent of you claim to be satisfied with the job the mainstream media is doing while only ten percent of you said the mainstream media made you feel ‘enthusiastic.’

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