Is the real ‘resistance’ to Trump actually Republicans?

President Trump may be targeting Democrats and the mainstream media when he lashes out on Twitter, but there are those who think the real resistance to his agenda might be coming from his own party.

And we have already seen it play out. The first time the President tried to push healthcare reform through, it wasn't the media or the Democrats that stopped him. It was his fellow Republicans. Political analyst Jim McGrath told KTRH it is proof the President needs to sweet talk his own GOP caucus.

“He does have some lobbying to do, some arm to turn, to get people to see these big complex issues his way,” McGrath explained.

Keep in mind the Republicans control both houses of Congress. It's why Kevin Williamson with the National Review, who is based in Houston, says tax reform is the next big item on the Trump agenda.

“There’s a very good chance this is the strongest position they are going to be in for a long time. They need to make the most of it while they can. But instead what they are going to do is go after tax cuts which is the only thing that republicans can really ever seem to get excited about,” Williamson said, adding that time is of the essence for the GOP, because the midterms are coming up next year.

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