Website Invites Californians to Move Here

An increasing percentage of the ads we see is carrying a political message -- and that message is clearly aimed at younger consumers. The tone is liberal.

Houston marketing executive Bill Fogarty says millennials are the fastest growing segment of the population, so this is focused on them.

“Their need is to engage these individuals,” he says. “Obviously, the best way to engage them is to create a scene or environment that they're comfortable in.”

He says this is just the start.

“If it's music, they divide the market. If it's news content, I think they way they deliver the news, tends to divide the market,” Fogarty says, “so I think the media market is already sliced and diced.”

As we move forward, more commercial ads will contain a political or social message, and there has already been some push-back. A Pepsi ad was pulled when it appropriated the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

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