'Steered' in the Wrong Direction

A runaway steer was involved in an hours-long standoff with constable’s deputies in northwest Harris County. 

The animal was being dropped off at Fisher Ham and Meat Co. on Spring-Cypress Road, when it managed to escape through a gap between the trailer and the chute.

It dodged traffic, and worked its way into the Villages of Bridgestone subdivision off Kuykendahl Rd. 

Dawson Rosas, who lives in the neighborhood, tells our TV partner KPRC Channel-2, “He's trotting down the road you know, and about three cop cars tried to block him in, he would trot right around the next one it would come up, it was comical.”

Deputies corralled the animal and sedated it with tranquilizer darts.  The slaughterhouse sent the steer back to its owner, because the meat cannot be processed for at least 30-days after being tranquilized.

Resident Jeanette Dooley laughed, "It's not every day you come out and see a cow running down the street."

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