“Old Timey” Jobs are Hot Right Now

Sometimes money isn't enough. Many young American workers are gravitating to jobs from a previous generation, like horse trainer or becoming a barber.

With manufacturers offering high pay and great benefits for skilled labor, these workers are going in the other direction.

“There's a lot of benefits and perks to those jobs, and (you) work in good environments,” says Texas economist Ray Perryman. “By the same token, it's a very high pressure, technical-oriented work, and a lot of people look something a little bit more in touch with people every day.”

Perryman acknowledges, that doesn’t leave many skilled labor positions open, but he advises people to find a job they'll love -- and that's just what these job seekers appear to be doing.

“We see a lot of it with the craft brewers and the small batch brewers and the small batch whiskey makers,” he says, “but you are also seeing it now with small butcher shops and a lot of other things.”

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