POLL: Liberals believe ‘resistance’ is working

Following the testimony by former FBI Director James Comey on Capitol Hill, there are those on the left who believe their ‘resistance’ to President Trump is working.

The left believes that because they got the special counsel they wanted for the Russia investigation, and they want to make sure Trump doesn't get in the way. Former Harris County Democratic Party Chairman Gerry Birnberg isn't sure it's really working, though. That said, he admits people are activated.

“It is clear there are an awful lot of people actively engaged on behalf of Democratic causes,” Birnberg said, adding they weren’t as engaged before the election because they thought there was no way Trump would win.

James Dickey, the new Chairman of the Texas Republican Party, told KTRH he doesn't think it's working, and says it might be alienating the all-important group of independent voters.

“I see it as coming across to independents as sour grapes,” Dickey stated.

But he also says it would be a mistake to take the effort to organize by the left too lightly.

“As Republicans it would be a mistake to take lightly the effort to organize on the left,” Dickey stated.

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