Dueling protests over Sharia being held tomorrow

If you’re in La Porte tomorrow, you are going to see dueling protests involving sharia, which some consider extreme.

Act for America will hold their anti-sharia protest from 10 to 2 tomorrow near the San Jacinto Monument. One of the organizers, Scott Presler, told KTRH why they are protesting.

“We want to educate people on the issues and tell the average person what Sharia is and why it is a threat to our country,” Presler explained.

But at the same time the Houston Socialist movement will hold a counter rally near where Act for America is getting together. We asked Dr. David Michael Smith, one of the organizers of the counter protest, if taking up for Sharia was a fight his side really wants to get into.

“You could interpret Sharia in a million different ways, the same ways Christians, Buddhists and Jews interpret their religion in different ways,” Smith said.

We also asked Smith how many people he was expecting tomorrow. His answer was "a lot." When we pressed him for more, an exact number, he would not give an answer.

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