Boot Camp Aims to Help Men Find Inner Warrior

Some American men are now paying big bucks to revive their primal nature, or get back to doing what makes them men in the first place.

After losing big during the mortgage crisis, divorcing his first wife and beating cancer, Garrett J. White founded "Wake Up Warrior," designed to reverse what many see as the wussification of modern men.

“Most western men are not challenged at all, their lives are not difficult,” he says.  “That's why they get obese, that's why their lives become complacent, so 'Warrior Week' becomes this crucible to interrupt the drift of their life.”

"Warrior Week” is a military-style boot camp retreat to help reboot their manhood. 

“It hits him like a semi truck like he's never been hit before, experiences which emotionally are born out of a physical breakdown,” says White.

“Most men can't be honest about where they are, or even where they want to go, without being crucified or judged in their church, in their business organization, by their friends, their wife or their family.”

His clients first included an elite class of business-driven married men. The program has now grown to books, weekend conferences and even yearly memberships.

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