TV Networks face a Daunting Opponent -- Smart Phones

A new study finds 30 to 40% of those 18-49 have stopped watching television to play with their phones.

This doesn't surprise Houston media blogger Mike McGuff.

"I totally think kids -- their whole life revolves around that phone to the point that even if they're in the same room together I've heard kids will text each other instead of talking."

McGuff says it might be hard for traditional TV to compete.

"There are so many digital distractions on your phone that you kind of forget about TV after a while; you have Facebook, Twitter, the younger kids use Snapchat."

McGuff says the networks will have to adapt.

"So they're saying 'hey go watch our shows on our app, go watch it online.' So they are working to compete with all the visual distractions and eventually they'll figure out a way to monetize it and track the ratings that way."

Even top rated "The Big Bang Theory" lost 19% of its 18-49 audience for its season finale.

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