POLL: Watch LIVE along with Houston bars open early for Comey testimony

The mainstream media is treating today’s testimony from former FBI Director James Comey like it’s the Super Bowl.

The broadcast networks are interrupting regular programming to carry the hearing. You've seen the 'countdown clocks' on all of the cable news networks all week. Cliff Kincaid with Accuracy in Media told KTRH they're all jumping on the 'Bash Trump' bandwagon.

“They love to attack Republican Presidents for fun and profit. This is going to make them a lot of money. They are going to get high ratings,” Kincaid explained.

And if there's no testimony showing Trump himself did anything wrong, Kincaid says don't expect the mainstream media to even acknowledge that.

“They’ll say it’s up to Robert Mueller to come up with a case; that he’s going full speed ahead and that he’s broadened the investigation,” Kincaid said.

There are bars in DC opening this morning and offering drink specials like the 'Comey Hearing Covfefe.' It’s not just bars in Washington. There are bars in Houston like Jimmy’s Ice House, Axelrad and D&T Drive Inn opening up early as well.

And while this is happening a recent Gallup poll shows 21% cite the economy as their top concern. The Comey testimony/Russia situation did not even make the lost from Gallup.

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