Net Neutrality may be next for Trump White House

After dealing with health care and tax reform, President Trump may be looking at net neutrality as his next big issue.

It’s something the administration has said it will look at. And it’s an issue you've probably heard about. But, internet attorney Travis Crabtree tells KTRH many of you still don't understand exactly what net neutrality is and why you should care about it. In the end it's all about what you can and cannot access.

“Are we going to leave it in the hands of the internet service providers or are we going allow the government to have a say as to what gets sent to our homes through the internet pipelines,” Crabtree said.

It's something the Obama Administration has tried to regulate in the last few years they were in office.

“To make sure the providers did not prefer one content provider. They didn’t give Google a fast lane and their competitors a slow lane,” Crabtree stated.

Trump may want to back off on some of those regulations and let the free market system do its job.

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