Gun Sales Continue Record Pace

Americans continue to arm themselves at a record clip with the FBI reporting 1.9 million background checks last month.  That was the highest ever for the month of May, a stark contrast to what many experts believed would happen under a pro-gun Trump administration.

“The general crime environment, whether it's terrorism or not, is making people aware that there are very serious risks out there,” says Rick Briscoe, legislative director for Open Carry Texas.

Briscoe says pro-gun policies such as open carry, campus carry and reciprocity has helped drive sales.  And gun makers have taken notice.

“Manufacturers have responded to the demand for handguns better suited to concealed carry, in terms of size and configuration, weight and so on,” he says.

Training facilities also are cashing in.

“People want to be trained, especially if they do not have prior experience,” says Briscoe.  “People who offer courses as instructors who meet their needs are doing quite well.”

If this pace continues, 2017 could go down as the first or second highest year for gun sales.

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