Plastic Surgeries Driven by Social Media Pressure

Most people have something about their looks they'd like to change. For many, it's the so-called "selfie chin."

Your selfies make it look like you have a double chin and a procedure called Kybella is a non-surgical way to get rid of it.

Technology strategist Crystal Washington says it started years ago, when we used to stare at ourselves in the mirror.

“If we look at ourselves long enough, we're like where did that wrinkle come from?

“Unfortunately this is just the beginning,” Washington says. “I think it's going to get even worse.”

Prices are coming down and it's becoming much more acceptable to change your look. Cool-sculpting, Kybella and laser skin treatments are less invasive and people in their 20s are spending money to look as good as possible on the Internet.

“If it becomes more acceptable, we're going to see people doing more things,” she says, “because we're trying to create this ideal for the web.”

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