Will Artificial Intelligence take over the entire workforce?

Before you laugh off the question, a new study reveals that AI will outperform humans in 45 years and within the next century could take over every one of your jobs.

If you think this is just talk, Darrel West at the Brookings Institution told KTRH it's not. This is something that really could happen.

“We are seeing an expansion in the use of robots and the artificial intelligence that powers them. We are going to see robots in factories, warehouses, and restaurants,” West explained.

So let's just say this all comes to pass. What happens to the economy if we get a robotic workforce? Futurist Jim Carroll says we'll adjust like we've done in the past, because the machines will still need humans to work with them.

“Let’s take this negativity and keep in perspective the reality and positive trends that are unfolding. What do we do to turn those trends into opportunities,” Carroll asked.

Carroll says we had the same kind of fears being expressed in the 1930's when machines became a bigger part of our lives, and we adjusted then, too.

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