Union President Says “Acting” Chiefs Slowing Border Enforcement

Border patrol agents are eager to ramp up enforcement, but their union president claims of lack of leadership has led to confusion among the ranks.

The National Border Patrol Union's Brandon Judd told Fox News the Trump administration's so-called “acting” department heads has slowed enforcement efforts along the U.S.-Mexico border.  A union spokesman has sinced walked back that comment.

“Without speaking with Mr. Judd directly I would not be able to comment on what Mr. Judd's intentions are, but when we talk to agents they're excited about the election of President Trump and be allowed to do that they've been trained to do which is enforce the law and protect our borders,” says Daniel Benavidez.

“Moral is a lot higher since President Trump was elected, and they're looking forward to actually enforcing the law and looking forward to working with this administration and getting the resources and tools they need to do the job they're tasked to do.”

Benavidez says recent terror attacks in the UK have put a spotlight on the issue.  “We're finally having a conversation about what it will take to secure our border and make the American people safe.”

But while illegal immigration has slowed along the border, agents report drug trafficking has gone way up.

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