Malls Struggle to Keep up with Trends

Women leading some of the nation's biggest companies actually make more money than their male counterparts. Unfortunately, only one in every 20 CEOs of S&P 500 companies is female.

Workplace culture expert and author Daren Martin says physiology suggests women are better suited for the positions.

“They've been shown to have a higher number of synapses between left and right brain processing, they're typically better at the people side of things,” Martin says, “they're all those things that really are the skill set (needed).”

One thing holding women back in making it to the top -- the boards of directors hiring are mostly dominated by men. That's a big factor in the creation of the glass ceiling advocates complain about.

“Women drive up to 80 percent of all consumer purchasing,” he says. “That's why they call it the she economy.”

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