Liberal Hollywood does it again

There are more Hollywood actors coming out on social media and ripping President Donald Trump on a daily basis.

It seems that Hollywood is out of touch with many in Middle America that supported Trump. Actor Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, constantly rants against Trump on Twitter. That's just one example. Joshua Starnes with the Houston Film Critics Society says in case you're wondering, there are conservatives in Hollywood, too.

“The conservatives there tend to keep things under wraps. They don’t want to make those noises because they are in a very liberal town,” Starnes said.

In fact actors like Robert Downey, Jr. are known as big conservatives. They just keep it to themselves for the most part while celebrities like Kathy Griffin make waves. Starnes says after what Griffin did, you might see less of that.

“There are PR reps and crisis reps and managers for them who are looking and telling celebrities they can go too far. We’ve seen this before,” Starnes explained.

Because at the end of the day, a celebrity can go too far, like Griffin did, which can cost them their careers.

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