Apple says It'll bring Artificial Intelligence to the iPhone

After years of mostly positive coverage, many smart phone reviewers are complaining about Siri -- saying the Apple assistant lags behind the Google assistant. But that may be about to change.

Apple is reportedly working on what it calls a 'neural engine' chip that would bring a form of artificial intelligence to the iPhone.

"In the long term, if it does work and it does come out, it's gonna make things faster and at some point we may not even need an Internet connection."

High Tech Texan Michael Garfield says he's not a big Siri fan, either.

"I think anecdotally, at least from my standpoint after using all of them, I think the Google assistant is probably quicker and faster and more accurate is the key."

Apple is also believed to be working on a device similar to the Amazon Echo -- and this AI would likely be brought to that. Garfield says the smart home industry will only get bigger and better.

"We're not gonna need that device; we're not gonna need the physical Echo, we're not gonna need that physical little, tiny hockey puck. They're gonna be built into our life, they're gonna be built into our thermostats -- a thermostat was released last week that can hear audio commands."

Apple won't confirm any of this and no one knows if this 'neural engine' chip could end up in this year's tenth anniversary iPhone.

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