Is FOX News shifting left?

If you watch the Fox News Channel regularly, you’ve likely noticed a shift in direction. The network doesn’t seem to be as pro-President Trump as it used to be.

Even contributors to the network, like activist Pamela Geller, have noticed the shift. Geller, who was behind the 'Draw Muhammad contest in 2015 that was the target of a terror attack in Garland, tells KTRH she thinks the shift coincides with the sons of Rupert Murdock, James and Lachlan, having more say in network operations.

“They have long had a problem with Fox News and Roger Ailes. They themselves are to the left,” Geller explained.

So what happens if this continues? Where do conservatives go for their news on cable? Cliff Kincaid with Accuracy in Media says there are other options out there, if you look.

“Newsmax is one. There are other up and coming conservative channels like CRTV, as well,” Kincaid said.

That network featuring conservatives like Michelle Malkin and KTRH's Mark Levin.

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