Texas Lawmakers Adjourn Without Bathroom Bill

The Texas Legislature adjourned Monday without a deal on the so-called “bathroom bill,” opening the door for a possible special session.  Supporters are blaming House Speaker Joe Straus for not bringing the bill up for vote.

“We've had experience in Houston with executives who overreached and forgot the limits of their authority, but Straus seems to be taking it to new heights,” says Dave Welch at the Houston Area Pastor Council.

“Who knows what's in a man's heart or mind?  What we can measure what he does.  And if he's intending to set himself up to try to switch parties and run for higher office as a Democrat, he's doing a pretty good job of it.”

The House last weekend approved a scaled-back measure applying only to public schools. It bars transgender students from choosing the bathroom they use, but allows schools to direct them to separate, single occupancy facilities.

Welch says they've made concessions, even to appease the sporting press and others who continue to trash their efforts.

“This is really exposing that these things are linked to a specific political agenda which has nothing to do with any of these industries, especially the sports industry,” he says.  “So why is ESPN and all these sports writers even have a dog in the hunt?  They don't.”

Meanwhile, the CEOs of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and others sent a letter to Gov. Greg Abbott over the weekend, urging the him to let the issue go.  The governor has hinted he'll make a decision about a special session later this week.

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