TSA testing new screening measures

The TSA is testing new screening procedures at selected airports. They say it will increase efficiency, but others are not so sure of that.

The new procedures would require you to remove electronics bigger than cellphones and some food from your bags to put them in separate bins. TSA critics Jay Stang tells KTRH increasing efficiency is not what this will accomplish.

“I think it would take longer. The more you have to hunt for stuff the longer it’s going to take. I’m not sure how this increases efficiency,” Stang explained.

But he does understand why the TSA may be doing this; there have been reports terrorists have tried to construct laptop bombs in the recent past. That said he still has questions.

“Unless you can get all of that electronic equipment out from people’s hands and in the belly of the airplane I don’t think you’re going to get anywhere,” Stang stated.

The changes will not go into effect in Houston yet, but maybe to cities you're traveling to, like Los Angeles, Boston and Detroit. The airport in Lubbock is also going to be used as a test site.

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