GOP Lawmakers Face Threats, Violence

It's getting more and more dangerous to be a Republican office holder in the era of Trump.  In recent weeks, what started as loud protests at town hall meetings has turned even nastier, with GOP Congress members facing death threats, harassment and one even attacked in his car, according to a new report from The Hill.  A man was arrested for threatening to kill Arizona Congresswoman Martha McSally, while Virginia Congressman Tom Garrett said he received at least three separate death threats that are under investigation by law enforcement.  Then there is Tennessee Congressman David Kustoff, who had a woman follow his car, then bang on his windows and try to reach inside.

This increasingly hostile and threatening behavior is part of a coordinated effort among left-wing interests.  "You have the Democratic Party, elected officials from the Democratic Party, PACs, (billionaire left-wing financier) George Soros, and the media all combining and singing off the same sheet," says Chris Begala, political strategist with Houston's Begala-McGrath.  "You have fake, organized, paid protesters at the same time you have the media following a certain line."

Indeed, the left-wing protests seen around the country since President Trump's inauguration have been anything but organic and spontaneous, as has been previously reported.  "It is the media, it's George Soros-bought protesters and PACS, it's elected officials, and it's also subversion from within the government," says Begala.

Begala and other GOP advisors and strategists are calling on President Trump to recognize the organized threat against him and his party and fight back.  "The onus is on President Trump and his administration to reboot their communications, knowing this is an unprecedented assault from the Left," says Begala.

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