College Conservatives Gain Strength from Trump

College campuses are often considered a bastion of liberal ideas, but President Donald Trump's election has spurred a growing number of conservative students to become increasingly vocal. 

Just several months ago we reported about liberal-leaning students at Texas A&M calling for mandatory diversity classes -- even protesting a speech by the so-called leader of the alt-right movement.

Trump's election has now emboldened conservatives on campus.

“To have the largest Republican wave we've had since I think the 1930s, its made it much more agreeable, much more popular to be Republican,” says David Isenhour, chairman of the Texas A&M College Republicans.

“There is still a need for us to go out there and get people who say 'yeah, I'm a conservative,” or 'I don't know what I am,' and tell them the message of our party,” he says.  “I guarantee at least 50 percent of the time, if not more, those people agree with us.”

It’s that one-on-one engagement Isenhour believes will help turn more students in the right direction.

“We don't tip over things and light things on fire, we go out into our community and spread a message, we want to talk to people,” he says.

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