Buyers Saving Money This Holiday Weekend

Texas consumers get a double-sales tax holiday starting tomorrow. Much like the back-to-school savings offered each August, you won't pay sales tax this weekend on purchases of water-efficient products like shower heads and energy star products like air conditioners.

“Not just save on sales tax,” says Kevin Lyons, a spokesman for the Texas Comptroller’s Office, “but also, depending on the type of products you buy, there is energy savings if you buy certain air conditions or refrigerators or ceiling fans.”

Lyons is a spokesman for the Texas comptroller's office. He says, not only do buyers save the money they would have paid for sales tax -- the rest of us benefit from the reduced burden on the electrical grid, or on the water supply.

“It's just a more efficient use of supplies,” he says, “and it just takes the burden off energy grids.”

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