Billboards Help Search for Missing

Dozens of Texas digital billboards will focus attention on the thousands of people who are missing in this state over the next month.

Clear Channel Outdoor spokesman Lee Vela says his company is working with the Texas Center for the Missing to bring attention to the problem.

“In Houston, we're going to generate over a half-million market impressions in this first full week,” Vela says, “and the same thing is happening in San Antonio, El Paso and Dallas.”

A total of 57-thousand people were reported missing last year, 45-thousand of them children. The billboards will flash pictures and contact phone numbers in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and El Paso.

The messages start this week with a picture of Rudy Farias IV, who went missing in 2015.

"A 17-year-old boy who just went out walking his dog and never came back,” he says. The dog came back, but he didn't."

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