Political talk at work causing you problems

A new survey from the American Psychological Association says talking politics in the office can lead to problems in the office.

These results are part of the '2017 Work and Well Being Survey.'  31 percent say they had witnessed people arguing at work about politics. More than one in five said they avoided coworkers because of that. Jim Whiddon is a workplace culture expert and told KTRH this could all be due to information overload.

“We think it’s probably because of the amount of information and the outlets of information that are available today,” Whiddon stated.

So should your boss tell you that talking politics at work is off limits? Whiddon says it’s something to think about.

“I don’t know that you would put it any hard rules. But, the better part of wisdom says you are there to do a job,” Whiddon explained.

Twenty-six percent of full and part time workers report feeling stressed out as a result of political discussions at work. That's up from 17% in September.

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