Special Session Still Looms in Austin

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick appears hell-bent on calling for a special session of the Texas Legislature.  Still at issue is the so-called "bathroom bill" and property tax reform passed by the Texas House over the weekend.

“He's got a bill hostage that basically needs to pass, and he's going to hold until he gets some degree of satisfaction,” says GOP strategist Bill Miller with Austin-based HillCo Partners.

The legislative session is scheduled to end on Memorial Day.  Miller admits a special session may irritate taxpayers, but the lieutenant governor feels these particular issues are more important than money.

“A special session is costly, its one of those thing that everyone comes back and nobody wants to except the people who do,” he says.  “Dan Patrick is a very favorable and smart guy who is driving and dictating much of what's going on in the capitol right now, so its his perogative and he's played it beautifully, that's just the way it goes down.”

House Speaker Joe Straus argues his chamber has addressed the issues; it’s time for the Senate to take care of its priorities.

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