Security increased for U2 show at NRG

Following the terror attack in Manchester, security was increased for John Legend’s concert in the Woodlands and for tonight’s show at NRG Stadium featuring U2.

The exact details of what police will do aren't being made public, but Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo says they are also relying on you to tell them if you see something that's off.

“Rely on that instinct that we all have. If something feels out of place or looks out of place, don’t ignore it. Let us know,” Acevedo said.

One problem that security analyst Kevin Mellott at ERASE Enterprises saw in Manchester was the fact that once the Ariana Grande show started, security backed off.

“It’s common to cut security forces once everybody is inside. I think it’s prudent to keep roaming patrols around the exterior,” Mellott explained.

That's something Acevedo told KTRH he is stressing.

“The threat is as significant at the end of the event. We cannot drop our posture until everyone has left the venue,” Acevedo stated.

And DPS is asking all Texans attending these shows to report anything out of the norm they see to the iWatch website

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