Prescription drug costs keep rising

If you take any kind of prescription medication you know your costs simply keep going up. So, why is this happening if healthcare was supposed to be ‘affordable?’

There seem to be three reasons for it. One is changes in formulary (the drugs your insurance company covers), high priced drugs that push other drug costs up, and then there's the big one; high deductible insurance plans.

“Especially right at the first of the year. That’s when people go into stick shock. They have to pay the first deductible amounts right out of their pockets,” Dr. Donna Barsky, a pharmacist with Texas Star Pharmacy told KTRH.

Barsky says there is not much you can do about it right now except be aware of what's happening and be prepared.

“I can let them know that prices are going up. And every generic will eventually be higher, too,” she explained.

There are some people that try to save money by looking for meds online, but Barsky says that can be dangerous because they might be fake, especially from countries like India.

Elsewhere, a court hearing that was supposed to take place over Obamacare yesterday was pushed back by 90 days.

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