Liberals still in denial over Trump

The election was seven months ago. Donald Trump has been in office for over four months now. Yet Liberals remain in denial over the whole thing.

They seem to believe in every conspiracy that has been put out there by the mainstream media. They react by protesting; protests that have turned violent on multiple occasions. And these protests seem to be constant.

The left's attempts to take down this President also seem to be organized, from the protests to what we hear lawmakers in Congress say. Republican strategist Debbie Georgatos told KTRH they are trying to keep their fan base in a state of anger.

“They see that democrats are simply not going to allow President Trump to remain in office; they will do everything they can to remove him,” Georgatos explained, adding that part of this strategy is to fight Trump’s agenda at every turn.

It all stems from the fact liberals still can't believe Trump won the election. And Georgatos says Trump supporters are also angry because Republicans let the left get away with it. Those Republicans might remember that in next year's midterm elections.

“I don’t think they realize how furious they are making the GOP Base. This will hurt Republicans a lot if they don’t start standing up,” she stated.

And Georgatos says this is not a Trump only phenomenon; that the left would be attacking any Republican that would have beaten Hillary Clinton last November.

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