ISIS may be even more Evil than You Think

Security experts say ISIS is planning attacks that would make the Nazis and Stalin's Russia blush. New intel says ISIS is testing chemicals on 'human guinea pigs' as it prepares to poison western food and water supplies.

Terrorism expert professor Jeff Addicott says we should take it seriously.

"If they can get that information to the jihadists that are in this country and the FBI tells us there are two thousand, not one thousand open cases, it's always a clear and present danger."

Professor Addicott says it's already happened -- but it wasn't ISIS.

"We had one case in Washington State some years ago where a group went into a salad bar at a restaurant and sprinkled hazardous material into the salad and a lot of people got sick."

ISIS is also believed to be working on a poison that affects the nicotine in cigarettes.

Addicott says the terrorist group is about as evil as it gets.

"They want to kill us in very large numbers, I mean, that's their ultimate goal.  They have committed numerous atrocities on humans to include drowning them, beheading them, setting them on fire -- it echoes what the Nazis and the Stalinists would do."

It's believed ISIS used Mosul University to develop chemical weapons over the past three years.

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