Should Democrats be so happy over special counsel?

Democrats are over the moon happy not that former FBI Director Bob Mueller has been appointed as special counsel to look into Russia’s ties to the Presidential election. But Democrats should be careful what they wish for. This could backfire on them.

That's because Mueller can go in any direction he wants with this investigation, and by any direction, legal expert Byron Henry says that could include anything that could put their side in a bad spot.

“More information could come out that may not be flattering for the Democratic Party and their candidate, Hillary Clinton,” Henry stated.

That means former National Security Advisor Susan Rice could wind up in hot water over the surveillance of Trump campaign team members that may have taken place.

“That would include the unmasking and who ordered it. All of that was part in parcel to the intelligence gathering on Russia,” Henry explained.

That also means Mueller can go look into anything that may have had to do with the DNC hack that took place last year, which was conducted by Russia.

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