Millennials: Entitled? Or, Not?

Millennials say they should be paying their own way earlier in life -- and that's shocker. They've often been accused of feeling entitled and living at home too long.

The president of Peak Training Solutions, best-selling author Ron Newton, says maybe there's a disconnect between what they think they should do and what they actually do. He thinks millennials do feel entitled.

“Millennials actually saved at a higher rate than the generations that came before them,” Newton points out, “but, one of the reasons they were able to do that is they cut back on life expenses by living at home longer.”

Millennials say they should be out of mom and dad's house by the time they are 22. Baby boomers say that age is 24.5. Maybe baby boomer parents are the reason their kids stay at home as long as they do?

“The entitlement attitude of millennials, and the successor generation, Generation-Z, those who are in their teens right now,” he says, “won't quit until we quit telling them they are more important than anyone else.”

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