Trump has backers that agree system is broken

Not everyone disagrees with the President and the way he does things despite what you see from the mainstream media. In fact, there are plenty that agree. One of those is former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on CBS, who says Trump is right; the system of federal government is broken.

“They have gotten fat and sloppy. They are not user friendly,” Gates said.

SMU political scientist Cal Jillson says the system is broke, but Trump's problem is he's trying to do too much too fast.

“The problem he faces is that you can’t disrupt everything at once,” Jillson stated.

Rice political scientist John Alford does admit that Trump isn't being given a fair chance. But, he thinks that getting a fair chance these days might simply be impossible.

“He firmly believes he is not being given a fair chance. In some ways; in modern American politics with things so polarized no one gets a fair chance,” Alford explained.

But, Alford says he does wonder what would happen if Trump 'toned it down for a couple of weeks.'

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