Toll Road Debate Conducted at Texas Capitol

Several anti-toll road bills have been attached as amendments to the Texas Department of Transportation sunset bill. Lawmakers aren't offering a very friendly ear to those lobbying for more toll roads in the state.

Terri Hall of []Texans for Toll-Free Highways says business groups are spending a lot of money trying to change minds.

“Your local chambers of commerce are coming up here to lobby in favor of more toll roads,” Hall says. “You also have regional mobility coalitions, like the San Antonio Mobility Coalition, like the (Greater) Houston Partnership.”

She says the road construction industry is also pushing for toll roads.

Five anti-toll bills passed the Texas Senate, but didn't get a hearing in the House. That's when they were tacked onto the sunset bill Tuesday.

There’s a lot of push-back for the idea of toll road expansion.

Hall says, “I do think that the backlash to tolls is coming home and finding its legs here in the Texas Legislature,” adding, “Both party platforms have a plank in them opposing these particular public-private partnership types of toll projects.”

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