POLL: Hot Stuff! Spicy Sauces are Taking Over

Houston diners are showing a fascination with spicy foods, using condiments like peppercorns to add pungency to their meals. The owner of iBurn, a hot sauce store, says business is growing rapidly these days.

James Beck opened his doors five years ago.

“We're seeing an amazing evolution in what we call the fiery foods industry,” Beck says, “which tends to encapsulate anything and everything that has to do with chili peppers, horse radish, wasabi.”

Beck says this isn’t limited to just one age group. In many restaurants, spicy dishes are the big sellers.

A spice called "Dragon's Breath" is so hot, it supposedly can put you into anaphylactic shock. Beck's not buying, saying it is over-hyped.

He says the current phenomenon is simple: “People that are just really wanting to be more adventurous with their food.”

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