A Bad Credit Rating could keep You Unemployed

Credit experts remind us, the company you're trying to get to hire you is going to check your credit rating; If it's bad, you might be passed over.

Bruce McClary with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling says bad credit spooks some employers.

"Some employers see that as a risk in terms of embezzlements or white collar crime; somebody might be more tempted to steal money from an employer."

McClary says get out in front of it in the interview; be honest and be prepared to talk about credit issues and how you're dealing with them -- if they come up.

"You should be honest; you should be up front about it. You should talk about some of the things you know are happening with your credit and you should be prepared to talk about things you're doing to resolve those."

Experts say you should also check for errors on your credit report; a 2012 federal government survey found 20% of Americans have an error on their credit report.

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