POLL: Violence against Republicans seen as ‘new normal’

Almost every day you are hearing some story about someone on the left being violent towards Republicans. Some feel it’s the new normal.

Recently a Tennessee woman was charged with trying to run a Republican Congressman off the road after a town hall. A North Dakota man was escorted out of a town hall after he got physical with his Republican Congressman. And then there are threats made on college campuses against conservative speakers like this.

“There’s still time. We can punch you too,” a student at Portland State University told conservative speaker Chadwick Moore during a speech last week.

Houston Democratic strategist Mustafa Tameez tells KTRH this is unacceptable.

“There is no excuse for violence in our democracy. The whole premise of our democracy is that we can disagree with individual issues yet come together as a nation,” Tameez explained.

These stories happen almost daily and Tameez is fed up with it.

“This has become a mainstay in American politics and it can’t be allowed to exist. We’ve got to come together.

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