Texas Among Top Ten States to be a Cop

Despite 21 police officers killed in Texas last year, Wallet Hub still ranks the Lone Star State eighth among the "best states to be a cop."

Wallet Hub not only looked at the hazards of police work, but also quality of life and starting salary.

"Are we the highest in the state?  Absolutely not, Austin is a lot higher than we are.  But the cost of living in Houston is also a lot less than it is in Austin, Texas," says Ray Hunt, president of the Houston Police Officers' Union.

Hunt says HPD also offers a variety of positions opportunities to advance.

"You can be a homicide investigator, robbery detective, helicopter pilot, patrol officer, motorcycle officer, mounted patrol, there's lots of opportunities here that some departments don't have," he says.

"Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, all those positions are tested for and you actually are performing to do your very best at, so we have lots of opportunities for advancement here and lots of opportunities for a diverse type of work if you want to do something other than patrol."

Hunt also credits the current administration in Austin where Gov. Greg Abbott has pushed legislation to protect police, whether it’s body armor or through stiffer penalties for those who commit crimes against first responders.

North Dakota and Connecticut topped the list from Wallet Hub.  Arkansas and Louisiana ranked as the worse states to be a cop.

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