Teacher Wins Settlement for Following Her Faith

A Catholic employee at a Houston health center objected to a demand that she teach about birth control. She cited religious reasons -- and lost her teaching duties over it.

But then she fought the order -- and won.

Alexia Palma went to the EEOC and filed a lawsuit, maintaining that her religious faith conflicted with an order by an employer to take Planned Parenthood training and teach specifics about contraception to a class at the center.

The Virginia-based First Liberty Institute learned of her legal fight and took her case for free.

Stephanie Taub, the lawyer who championed her case, tells NewsRadio 740 KTRH that religious conflicts in the workplace arise all over America.

The best defense against religious discrimination, Taub says, is Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Federal law requires that employers make reasonable accommodations to people based on factors such as faith and physical disability.

With Taub's help, Palma was able to reach a confidential and amicable settlement.

Palma’s fight has been the subject of coverage by the Washington Post and other news outlets.

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