Media goes into ‘meltdown mode’ over Comey firing

The firing of then-FBI Director James Comey has sent the mainstream media into what can be describes as a week-long hissy fit.

All you have to do is watch CNN and MSNBC, and you can see the evidence for yourself. Some, like Charles Krauthammer with Fox, say it's sent the mainstream media over the edge.

“The press we know has always been liberal. Trump is a special case. People seem to have a particular animus,” Krauthammer told Tucker Carlson. 

University of Houston journalism professor Joe Cutbirth told KTRH says it's because Trump is different than any other President we've ever had.

“The problem is the institution of the national press is one that plays by the rules. When the table gets kicked over they get kicked over, too,” Cutbirth explained.

So how will scholars look back on the media coverage of Trump one hundred years from now? Cutbirth says it'll be less about the media and more about Trump.

“The media doesn’t really know how to do its job for many reasons right now. Then they come in with this very unpredictable, mercurial kind of person that they are supposed to cover and I think all bets are off,” Cutbirth said.

And that could be just one of the reasons why you're seeing the media go over the top on Trump coverage.

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