Could Cornyn move to FBI? Who would replace him?

Over the weekend, Texas Senator John Cornyn interviewed for the open job as FBI Director. So what are his chances?

With president Trump, it’s very possible he could go in an unexpected direction. But if he does pick Cornyn, fellow Republican Senators like Lindsey Graham told NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ he’d have issues with that.

“How about the idea of an FBI agent leading the FBI,” Graham said, adding there are good internal candidates for Trump to choose.

But if Cornyn does get the job, it will leave Texas Governor Greg Abbott with an appointment to make himself, one he could fill by naming Lt. Governor Dan Patrick as Senator until a special election could be held. Republican consultant Bill Miller thinks that would be a very good fit.

“There is a lot of force behind him winning that seat. He’s the guy I would pick to be the number one candidate,” Miller told KTRH News.

Another name that is out there is George P. Bush, the Texas Land Commissioner. But Miller thinks that’s a stretch.

“I don’t see him wanting to go to Washington. It just doesn’t strike me as the way he operates,” Miller stated.

Patrick has not commented on any of this. Neither has Bush. And another name that is being floated is Texas Congressman Michael McCaul, who has considered a run for the Senate in the past.

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