Survey: Parents say they feel burnout

Mother’s Day weekend is now over. Besides celebrating Mom, you probably spent the weekends taking the kids to all of their normal weekend activities – sports, parties, and whatever else they may have on their plates. All that running around could lead to what some say is burnout.


A recent study found that almost 13% of mothers and 12% of fathers had what they are calling 'high burnout.' That means they feel exhausted and less productive. Licensed counselor Lori Vann says it can go even further than burnout.

“I think we also have use terms like depression and anxiety, because that’s what I see with the parents that come in,” Vann said.

There's a lot of pressure on parents and some of that is likely due to what they see on social media. Author Lyss Stern of Divalysscious Moms told KTRH parents should take a deep breath and relax every once in a while.

“It’s really important for parents to take a timeout every day for five minutes. Breathe. Meditate. Take a walk around the block for five minutes, even if it’s by yourself,” Stern said, adding that parents sometimes forget about doing that.

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