Mexicans Complaining of Illegal Immigrants

With fewer illegal aliens crossing into the U.S., many are now staying put in Mexico, much to the dismay of native Mexicans.

Mexican nationalists are complaining that Central and South American immigrants are adding their already struggling economy, urinating in public and sexually assaulting women and minors.

“They will probably hit their breaking point at a faster rate that we did because of the economic problems in Mexico at this time, so they will be suffering very quickly and we're already see it, and Mr. Trump has only been in office just over 100 days and its already affecting them,” says Curtis Collier, president of U.S. Border Watch.

“The border is more secure in our country, so they're getting backed up in Mexico, which means the criminals from other parts of Central American are getting

Collier says Mexico's rising crime rate may actually motivate their government to take away the incentive of our porous border.

“If they know they couldn't get across into the United States than they probably wouldn't enter Mexico to start with, so it may be some bargaining chips for President Trump,” he says.

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